Air Conditioning Installation in Chicago’s North Shore

For nearly 50 years, local homeowners have trusted Glenbrook Heating & Air Conditioning for air conditioner installation in Chicago’s North Shore. From Glenview to Lake Forest, Evanston to near Arlington Heights, our team of licensed, bonded, and insured HVAC contractors are here to improve the air quality of your home, keeping you cool and comfortable all summer long.

Our customer service is second to none, and we’ve been awarded  American Standard’s  Customer Care dealer award. This designation confirms our high customer service standards and ensures that you get a technician team that’s dedicated to getting you back to comfortable.

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Signs You Need to Replace Your Air Conditioner

Keep an eye out for the following signs that you need a new air conditioning installation:

  • Your air conditioner is more than 10 years old – While your air conditioner may last longer than ten years, it will begin running less efficiently towards the ten-year mark. At this point, you may end up saving money in the long run by replacing it with a more efficient model.
  • You’re paying for frequent repairs – It may be cheaper to repair than to replace, but if you are paying for frequent repairs, those costs are going to add up. Eventually, it will make more sense to invest in a new air conditioner as your old one is going to continue to need repairs.
  • Your air conditioner isn’t functioning properly – If your air conditioner isn’t properly cooling your home to your desired temperature, or if it’s cooling some rooms but not others, you may need to invest in a new air conditioning installation.
  • Your air conditioner is making strange sounds – If the unit is producing strange—and loud—sounds while operating, it could be a sign that its components are broken or about to break, which may require you to replace your unit altogether.
  • Your air conditioner won’t work – If your air conditioner won’t even turn on—or it will turn on but it won’t produce cold air, it might be time for a new unit.

If any of these signs are happening to you—it’s time to get a qualified technician out to take a look at your system. Call us today at 847-729-0114 to schedule an appointment!

The Benefits of a New Air Conditioner Installation

The following are some of the benefits that a new air conditioner will provide:

  • Lower energy costs – Newer air conditioner units are more energy efficient than they’ve ever been. This means that you’ll save a substantial amount of money on your cooling bills over the long term with a new air conditioning installation.
  • Improved comfort – Newer air conditioners are built using newer technology—and technology has been developing at a rapid pace over the last decade. This means that new air conditioners are more effective at cooling homes quickly and properly.
  • Improved home value – Homebuyers pay attention to the HVAC systems installed in homes. If you have a newer, more energy efficient air conditioner installed, it will improve the value of your home due to the fact that it will last longer and use less energy than older units.

American Standard Customer Care Dealer

Here at Glenbrook Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer only the highest quality air conditioning products, which is why we are an American Standard Customer Care Dealer. As such, we are proud to install American Standard air conditioners that boost energy efficiency ratings between 13 and 20 SEER, the highest in the industry. With American Standard, you can expect your air conditioner to last a long time while performing at a high level.

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We can also install a new Mitsubishi mini split ceiling cassette system or a full American Standard Mitsubishi mini split system.

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