Mitsubishi Electric Konnect Series Ducted Air Handler

Are you looking to get rid of your bulky, noisy, ducted forced-air HVAC system in your basement and replace it with a quieter unit?

Or are you doing a new install of a heating and cooling system, but you want to save space in the basement while also saving energy?

You might want to get an American Standard Mitsubishi ducted air handler.

At Glenbrook Heating & Air Conditioning, we have been treating the Chicagoland area like family since 1969. Learn more about how to get a Mitsubishi air handler here.

How Does the Ducted Air Handler Work?

Watch this quick video to see how the system can work for you in your home.

The Konnect Series Mitsubishi mini split air handler is designed to be a replacement for almost any ducted system in a home. It provides a modern, quiet, and efficient way to heat and cool your house.

The compact design of the unit allows for it to be install horizontally or vertically, depending on the layout of the basement.

Contact Us for a New Mitsubishi Ducted Air Handler

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