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Our team at Glenbrook Heating & Air Conditioning has been performing furnace repairs in Chicago’s North Shore since 1969. For nearly 50 years we have treated you like family when it comes to your home comfort needs. If you’re looking for high quality home comfort service for your home or you’re ready for a qualified technician to repair your furnace, give us a call at 847-729-0114.

Our Glenview furnace repair services will ensure your furnace operates efficiently and keeps your home warm during the North Shore’s coldest days, no matter what make, model, or fuel source!

Our Furnace Repair Process

At Glenbrook Heating & Air Conditioning near you, we have a pretty simple process for inspecting and repairing your furnace, whether your system is gas or electric. The process starts when you contact our office to schedule repair service at a time that is most convenient for you. We offer a variety of appointment times to help accommodate our customers’ busy lives. Once you have your appointment set up, you can expect the following:

  • One of our expert technicians will arrive promptly to your scheduled appointment and begin by asking you about the issues you have been having with your system.
  • The technician will explain the steps he or she will take to diagnose the source of the problem and quickly get to work.
  • A full inspection will ensure that the problem is found and that the rest of the system is in good working order.
  • The technician will then fully explain the diagnosis, including your options for repair and the costs associated with those repairs.
  • If your system requires more extensive repair, our expert will give you a fully detailed repair quote or (in extreme situations) discuss your options for equipment replacement.

We know that furnace breakdowns can happen at any time, day or night. That’s why we offer our customers emergency furnace repairs in Glenview and its surrounding areas. If your furnace stops working, or you suspect there is a serious issue with your system, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Your comfort and safety are our main priority!

Signs You Need Furnace Repair in Glenview

While there are several glaring signs that indicate you need furnace repair in Glenview, there are also some clues that are a bit more subtle or that may take longer to notice. Making sure that your furnace is always running efficiently and effectively is the best way to keep your energy costs down and your home safe and comfortable. So, be on the lookout for these signs:

  • Your furnace won’t turn on. This may sound silly, but the first thing you should do if your furnace won’t kick on is check your thermostat settings. Many people change their desired temperature without switching the system from “cool” to “heat.” If your thermostat is indeed set correctly, one of these issues could be preventing it from running:
    • The ignitor is out or not working properly.
    • You have a tripped circuit breaker.
  • Your furnace isn’t heating your home. Have you noticed that there is air coming from your vents, but that your home just isn’t getting warm? While the issue could be due to poor insulation, failing to schedule regular maintenance will also cause your furnace to be less efficient. Our service technicians will check to see if:
    • Your air filters are dirty and need to be changed.
    • Leaky ductwork is letting the heat escape.
    • An unbalanced airflow needs to be corrected.
  • Your furnace is making loud, unusual noises. While some level of sound is normal for any HVAC system, noise indicates a need for furnace repair when you discover new sounds that are making quite a racket. Of course, different noises indicate different problems with your system. Pay attention if your system makes:
    • Loud noises when it turns on. If your furnace makes an explosive rattle or bang at startup, the system could have a dirty condenser, a defective inducer motor, or a problem with delayed ignition. Contact us immediately if your furnace has this issue.
    • Buzzing, groaning, screeching, or creaking – These various noises typically mean that a part is broken or loose inside your unit and is spinning around. The sooner you have this issue fixed the less likely the loose part is to cause further damage.

If you notice one or more of the problems above, contact Glenbrook Heating & Air Conditioning near you as soon as possible. We’re ready to diagnose the issue and provide you with your best options for furnace repair!

Call Us Today!

If you’re seeing some of the signs above or would like to have a qualified technician review your system, give us a call at 847-729-0114. Our high quality customer care team is here to make sure that your home stays at a comfortable temperature all year long.

We can also install a new Mitsubishi mini split unit or a Mitsubishi floor mount mini split system in your home.

Local Furnace Repair Throughout Chicagoland

Furnace repair in Chicagoland is a vital service to keep your heating system in top-notch condition. In the Windy City and its surrounding Chicago suburb areas, winters can be brutally cold and long, making a functional furnace essential for indoor comfort and safety.

When facing furnace problems, residents in Chicagoland can rely on skilled local technicians to diagnose and repair issues with our services.

Common furnace problems, such as faulty igniters, thermostat malfunctions, or clogged air filters, can disrupt your home’s heating and energy efficiency. Timely furnace repairs can not only restore warmth to your home but also prevent potentially costly breakdowns or the need for a full replacement.

With professional furnace repair services available from Glenbrook Heating & Air Conditioning, homeowners can trust that your heating and HVAC systems will be fixed and improved to deliver reliable performance throughout the winter months.

Here are areas we serve: