Sump Pump Installation in Chicago’s North Shore

Our team at Glenbrook Heating & Air Conditioning has been treating you like family since 1969. Our team of Chicagoland HVAC contractors has spent nearly 50 years mastering sump pump installation in the North Shore area. If your sump pump has failed or is in need of sump pump repair, we’ll get it up and running right away.

We know that crucial systems like your sump pump tend to break down at the most inconvenient times. If you need help with your sump pump, give us a call at 847-729-0114.

Sump Pump Installation in Glenview & Surrounding Areas

The clearest indication that you need to replace your sump pump is when it has stopped working altogether and repairs aren’t possible. However, your system will usually start to show signs that you should install a new sump pump before this happens. Look out for the following signs, so you can plan to install a new sump pump in your North Shore home before yours breaks down.

Signs You Should Replace Your Sump Pump

1. Your system has reached the 10 year mark

In North Shore homes, a sump pump’s lifespan is 10 years, on average. Our experts can tell you about how much time your current system has left upon inspection. The sump pump’s lifespan can be lower or higher than average depending on things like:

  • How much it is used
  • What electrical source powers it
  • How far the system has to carry water before discharging it
  • The quality of the sump pump

2. Your sump pump keeps cycling on and off at the wrong times

If your sump pump frequently cycles on and off at unnecessary times, it’s likely there’s an issue with your system. The problem could be with your float switch, which can lead to further issues with your sump pump’s motor. Finally, if your sump pump doesn’t turn on or off when it should, you could have a power issue, or you may need new sump pump installation.

3. You hear your sump pump constantly running

Have you noticed that your sump pump has been running for an unusually long time? Say, several minutes or longer? Your system could be under-powered, meaning it struggles to carry the water the full length that it needs to. If that’s the case, contact us for sump pump repair, replacement, and installation in Chicagoland.

4. Your system makes loud, unusual noises

Of course, some level of noise is normal for your sump pump to make, especially a quiet “bump” or “thump” when it kicks off. However, loud rattling, grinding, or thudding sounds are not okay. These can indicate an issue with the motor or a jammed impeller. You’ll want to call our experts to examine the problem, and you will most likely need sump pump installation services for at least part of your system.

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