Signs Your Air Conditioner Is On the Fritz

Air conditioning problems can strike anytime, whether it’s the first warm day of spring or a 100-degree heat wave in July. Before an air conditioner stops working entirely, it usually gives you warning signs of trouble that you can feel, hear, or even smell. If you notice any of these symptoms, don’t ignore them—try to avert disaster and call your local air conditioner repair team ASAP.

Telltale Signs You Need AC Repair

Not Producing Cold Air

When an air conditioner blows tepid or even warm air when it’s supposed to be cooling, sometimes the solution is simple. We might find a refrigerant leak or discover a faulty thermostat. Other times, it’s a matter of old age and general wear that have reduced the power and efficiency of the compressor and other major parts.

Starting & Stopping Constantly

This is another area where thermostat sensors or other simple issues may be to blame. A constantly cycling system creates many problems, though. It slams your energy bills and shortens the lifespan of the equipment. An HVAC technician can troubleshoot the sensors, ductwork, compressor clutch, and other possible scenarios.

Freezing Up or Icing Over

Air conditioners might freeze up because of a bad evaporator coil or because of a problem with the refrigerant line or airflow. The coil is getting covered in condensate and icing over, which can cause further damage. In some cases, this is a sign that you need air conditioner maintenance more frequently.

Leaking Water

Leaks can often be solved by fixing a frozen coil or correcting the drain line and drain pan to make sure everything flows normally. Don’t ignore this problem, though, because it can also be a symptom of broken parts or lingering damage.

Producing Strange Sounds or Odors

Burnt out wires, broken belts, missing lube, clogged filters, and parts that are simply worn out can all create the telltale problem of strange noises and smells. Start with an inspection and tune-up to locate the problem.

Time to Replace the Air Conditioner?

Finally, keep in mind that air conditioners are not able to last a lifetime. Some burn out after just a decade or so. Consider the replacement costs as well as the likelihood of future major repairs and whether your utility bills are creeping upward as the air conditioner ages. Your HVAC company can help you weigh the merits of repair and replace options.

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