Why Does my AC Click?

If air conditioning could be totally silent, most people would love summer even more. Other folks enjoy a little white noise courtesy of the air conditioner blowing. Nobody wants a repetitive, annoying sound like clicking, though.

Air conditioner clicking sounds can be categorized (and fixed) based on where the sound comes from. Be forewarned, that click might be innocuous, but it could be signaling a significant issue.

Constant AC Clicking

Repetitive clicking while the AC runs typically means a fan blade has gotten bent, broken, or blocked. Fortunately, this usually only requires a small repair or blade replacement.

If the problem has gotten bad enough or been going on for so long that the AC has had to work harder than it should due to poor airflow, there could be greater auxiliary damage.

AC Clicking Only at Startup and Shutdown

It’s become an annoying routine: every time the air conditioner cycles on, you hear a clicking crescendo. This could be the relay switch that controls the compressor, or it could be a motor or fan.

In any event, a part needs to be replaced and the AC should be inspected for related damage, like with a GE air conditioner.

AC Clicks but Will Not Start

If you hear one loud click as the AC tries to turn on, there’s a problem with the controls. The culprit could be the capacitor, control board or thermostat.

If the clicking happens repeatedly until you manually turn off the AC at the thermostat, the controls might be fine but some other part is refusing to do its job.

Outdoor AC Unit Makes Clicking Noise

The compressor or another outdoor AC component can also produce a clicking noise. Listen to see if you can hear a vibration associated with the click. Plenty goes on inside the outside AC unit.

We can potentially solve the clicking sound simply by tightening bolts and removing leaves and debris. If you can hear a wet or gurgling sound, too, there could be a refrigerant line problem.

AC Clicking Plus Other Symptoms

Never ignore clicking sounds coming from an air conditioner, even if it cools your home nonetheless.

Air Conditioner Clicking Noise When Off

To be sure, though, if the clicking problem started along with any other signs of AC problems—the AC cycling on and off more frequently, loud rumbling noises, ice or water leak issues, etc.—then you definitely need to call a local AC repair team. You might have worsening problems or a bigger issue on the horizon.

Air Conditioning Repairs on Chicago’s North Shore

For professional help troubleshooting an air conditioner that is making noise, Glenbrook Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help in the North Shore area. We make AC repairs a low-stress experience, always treating you like family! Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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