Why Is My Furnace Leaking?

Perplexed by a leaking furnace? Under normal circumstances, a furnace does not use water or create condensation. However, anything from a tilted drain pipe to a faulty humidifier can cause pooling liquid under a furnace.

Water Under Furnace

In most cases, you simply need some regular furnace maintenance to clear things up and get the heating system running normally again.

As always, be safe when inspecting your furnace. Some furnace problems can lead to gas leaks as well, in which case you need emergency repairs.

Furnace Leaking Water?

Here’s some info about why a furnace leaks water sometimes.

For the best results, always have a certified HVAC technician inspect and repair the problem.

Condensation Puddle Under the Furnace

Most often when you have a puddle under the furnace, the liquid is actually condensation. This may sound foreign to you if you are used to older furnaces that did not create condensation.

However, modern furnaces use cooling exhaust to boost energy efficiency.

When everything is working perfectly, the moisture gets exhausted before it can condense and pool.

If condensation makes it look like your furnace is leaking, it’s time for a routine maintenance visit from the HVAC company.

Furnace Humidifier Problem

Furnace leaks are often related to humidifiers, which draw water from plumbing and add it to the heated air from the furnace. The leaking furnace humidifier apparently has a loose pipe or some other issue causing superfluous water to build up.

If the pipe is clogged, your humidifier might be adding dirty moisture to the air, so this is one to get fixed ASAP!

Air Conditioner Drain Clogged

See if you can trace the dripping water to an internal drain pipe connected, which would also be connected to your air conditioner. It may only look like your furnace is leaking when actually this drain is clogged, tilted, or broken.

Have an HVAC professional out to inspect and tune-up the equipment to prevent corrosion and other problems, especially before cooling season starts.

Broken Heat Exchanger

There should never be condensation leaking from a furnace heat exchanger. If the leak traces back to the heat exchanger, it’s very bad news. Be warned that you likely need a complete furnace replacement.

On the plus side, it’s good to detect this problem early before it causes a deadly gas leak.

Get Help with a Leaking Furnace in Chicago’s North Shore Area

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