Riverwoods, IL Water Heater Replacement

Water heaters only need to be replaced once in a long while, but when that time comes you can expect much better performance out of the new one.

Glenbrook Heating & Air Conditioning has specialists for water heater replacements in the Riverwoods, IL area near you. We can get you that reliably hot shower and all the hot water you need!

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Benefits of a Water Heater Upgrade

Like so much of technology, water heaters have improved by leaps and bounds over the years. Whether you have an old tank water heater or even a tankless unit made more than a few years ago, you can expect better performance for your Riverwoods home with a new water heater replacement.

  • Higher efficiency, with bigger energy savings for bigger units
  • Better first hour rating (FHR) and gallons per minute (GPM)
  • Ample hot water, with a tank or tankless water heater sized correctly for your needs
  • Improved water quality, taking care of hard water buildup with a clean slate

Choosing a Water Heater Replacement for Your Riverwoods, IL Home

Whether you want a different type of water heater replacement or just the latest and greatest version of the kind you have, Glenbrook Heating & Air Conditioning will help you find one for the right price and with powerful performance. We install leading brands of water heaters in Riverwoods, including American Standard and A.O. Smith.

  • Gas-fueled storage tank water heaters: Conventional gas water heaters operate very efficiently and affordably. The installation cost can be more expensive, but not by much assuming you already have the gas line for it.
  • Electric-powered storage tank water heaters: Although electric water heaters typically cost a little more to operate, they are very reliable and you don’t have to worry about a pilot light problem or gas leak.
  • Gas or electric tankless water heaters: These systems heat up an element that warms the water only when you need it. You can save plenty of heating bills, and there’s always enough hot water on-demand unless you try to run several showers and appliances simultaneously.

Riverwoods’ Experts Near You for Water Heater Replacement

Since 1969, we’ve been treating our customers like family by keeping you comfortable with excellent service. We can help with water heater repair and maintenance, including flushing and heating element replacement.

For water heaters more than 10 years old with poor performance, we’ll recommend the best products for you and provide professional water heater replacement in Riverwoods, IL.

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