Furnace Replacement in Lake Forest, IL

If you’re piling on the blankets because the furnace cannot keep up with the normal Chicagoland winter cold, you need to take action. Repairs can only do so much for so long.

The lake effect hits hard in Chicago’s North Shore, and you need furnace replacement in Lake Forest roughly every 15 years to continue enjoying reliable heating.

About Local Lake Forest Furnace Replacement

Since 1969, Glenbrook Heating & Air Conditioning has been serving the Lake Forest, Illinois area with critical HVAC services such as furnace replacement.

Our family-run company will see to it that you get friendly service, fair pricing, and excellent installation for your new heater.

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When to Get a New Furnace

There are many rules of thumb to help determine when to get a new furnace in Lake Forest, IL. You might say that you should replace a furnace if repairs cost a third or half as much as a replacement.

Another common suggestion is to multiply the repair cost by the age in years, and replace the furnace if that number exceeds $5,000. So, a $600 repair on a 10-year-old furnace means you might be better off with an upgrade.

Furnace Repair Lake Forest Near You

At Glenbrook Heating & Air Conditioning, we like to treat each situation with fresh eyes.

Are you happy with the efficiency, noise level, and comfort level if the furnace runs its best?

Are you getting tired of constant little repairs for temporary fixes?

The bottom line is that furnaces wear out and new technology makes better options available every decade or so. Furnace replacement in Lake Forest, where we use heating much of the year, can bring back a lot of the installation cost with lower bills and fewer repairs.

Furnace Replacement in Lake Forest, IL

Once we’ve determined together that you want a new furnace, Glenbrook Heating & Air Conditioning sets you up with a perfectly sized replacement furnace for your Lake Forest home.

We install American Standard and other top brands of HVAC equipment near you. You can get up to 97% fuel efficiency, compared to older models with just 70% or less.

For comfort in every room and low utility costs, it’s important to get a local furnace replacement service in Lake Forest from a knowledgeable, reputable team of HVAC pros.

Our team has won the American Standard Customer Care Excellence Award many times over, and we have the customer testimonials to back us up.

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Since 1969, we’ve been serving Chicago’s North Shore with a devotion to customer satisfaction. We like to say that we treat you like family, because we perform every furnace repair and installation with the utmost care.

We can also install an energy-saving Mitsubishi mini split system or a new Mitsubishi ceiling cassette unit.

Call 847-729-0114 or request a free estimate online today for furnace replacement in Lake Forest or throughout the North Shore. We also offer Northbrook HVAC services and furnace repair in Northbrook, IL.

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